Alert Communications and Notifications

"School Messenger"

  • The Winnisquam Regional School District subscribes to the School Messenger Communication Service to enhance parental communication. This service allows us to send a voice or text message to ALL of our student's parents/guardians for various types of alerts/notifications within minutes. It is used for announcing school day schedule changes (cancellations, delayed openings, early releases), emergency situations and may also be used by individual school's to send out key notices and reminders about special events. It may also be used to make attendance voice call notifications when students are absent from school.
    IMPORTANT: THE ABILITY TO DELIVER A MESSAGE IS ONLY SUCCESSFUL IF THE SCHOOLS HAVE ACCURATE (CURRENT) CONTACT INFORMATION ON FILE FOR OUR STUDENTS. Please make certain that any changes of address, home, work, cellphone numbers, email addresses and other student biographical information is kept current and provided to all schools.
    If you are not receiving calls, contact your child's main office and ensure they have the most up to date information in the system.

  • Notifications

    • School Cancellations, Delayed Openings and Early Dismissalsare generally due to inclement weather. For Cancellations and Delayed Openings a single phone call, text or email will go out (no later than 5:30 a.m.)
      Early Dismissals are treated as an Emergency Notification (see below).
      **Note:**Any weather related School Cancellation or Delayed Opening is posted on WMUR Channel 9. This can be checked on television oronline at WMUR.\

    • Emergency Notification

    • For Emergency Notifications the system will call ALL numbersthe school has listed for Contact 1 and Contact 2 in the student information system. These will be home phone numbers, work phone numbers and cell phone numbers as listed. If your work telephone number is on file you may want to notify your place of employment that the school's alert system will call that number in case of an emergency.\

  • Text Messaging

    A user may choose to Opt In and receive some district notifications by text messages to their cell phone. Opting In or Out can be changed by the user at any time. (Notice: If you Opt In for receiving text messages, you may incur extra costs on monthly phone bills - please check with your provider)
    To use the system the following is required:

    1. The school must have your cell phone number in the Student Information System (please contact the school's main office to check what phone number is in the system)
    2. To Opt In: With your cell phone send a text message to: 67587 with the single word YES or Y
    3. To Opt Out: With your cell phone send a text message to: 67587 with the single word STOP
  • How does it work?

    Voice Messages:

    1. Your caller ID will display your school or the district's main number anytime a call is generated.
    2. The service will leave a message on your voicemail or answering machine.
    3. If you have such things as Telemarketer Zapper or Privacy Director on your telephone lines, you may not receive the call.
    4. You may want to inform your place of employment that an automated call from the district may occur.

It is important for parents/guardians to understand that the SAU cannot know the road conditions in all locations around our three towns. Our towns cover a broad region with many elevation changes, some quite high up, and as such, experience significantly different quantities of ice, snow, and freezing rain. The more remote areas also often have narrow dirt roads that even once plowed can still be difficult to navigate safely. The district will utilize weather reports, town road reports, police department updates, state updates and first hand observations to make these determinations. Regardless of the district's decision to remain open, parents and guardians ultimately have to decide if they feel it is safe enough for their children to attend school or not. If a parent/guardian feels it is unsafe where they live, simply contact the school's main office and report that your child will not be in that day due to safety concerns.